Greeley Thompson prides itself on guiding businesses through the inevitable obstacles that arise in life-cycle of every business.  Successfully overcoming those challenges in the most efficient way possible requires an understanding that not every dispute requires the blunt hammer of litigation.  To that end, Greeley Thompson works with its clients to attempt to resolve disputes informally before wasteful litigation becomes necessary by assessing the goals of the client to develop a strategy meeting those goals in the most economical way possible including through writing letters and working with the other business or that business’ attorney to resolution.  Where informal resolution is not possible, Greeley Thompson has the requisite skill, experience and tenacity to zealously advocate for its clients in all forums, including through mediation, arbitration, and in state and federal court.

Greeley Thompson’s business litigation services include:

  • Commercial and Contract Disputes
  • Disputes Related  to the Purchase and Sale of a Business
  • Disputes Between Licensors and Licensees
  • Disputes Between Homeowners and General Contractors
  • Disputes Between General Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Disputes Between Partners, Members, or Shareholders of Entities
  • Employment Litigation